In the year 1944, the Anaesthesiologists attending a surgical conference at Mumbai (Bombay) thought of forming a common platform for exchange of scientific views, which was consolidated in 1946 following “Ether Day” celebrations in October of that year. With the continued efforts of leading Anaesthesiologists of India, the Indian Society Anaesthesiologists was born on 30th December 1947.

The Society started as joint organisation with the Surgical-Obstetric Society of India. The founder members of the Society were

Dr. Ambardekar G.S.
  (Mumbai)   Dr.Bhargava V.B.   (Mumbai)  
Dr. Talwalkar G.S.   (Mumbai)   Dr. Barat H.G.   (Calcutta)  
Dr. Chatterjee S.K.   (Calcutta)   Dr. Sur P.B.   (Calcutta)  
Dr. Bakshi S.K.   (Delhi)   Dr. Dhameja P.D.   (Delhi)  
Dr. Satyendra Singh   (Delhi)   Dr. Chandrasekhar N.   (Delhi)  
Dr. Prasad N.   (Delhi)   Dr. B.N.Sircar   (Mumbai)  
The torchbearers of the office were Dr. M.N.Desai (President), Dr. B.N.Sircar (Hon Secretary) and Dr. G.S.Talwalkar (Hon. Treasurer), (1949-51).


The First Annual Conference of ISA through the combined society was held on 23rd and 24th December 1949 at Seth G.S.Medical College, Mumbai. The Society has been holding Annual Conferences regularly from 27th to 30th December since 1949 until 1964 along with Association of the Surgeons of India.

The Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists hosted the First Independent Annual National Conference at Hyderabad in 1965. Prof. Dr. T. C. Gray and Prof. Dr. R. Macintosh from UK attended the first conference as special invitees of the Government of India.


1972 and 1997 were the Silver Jubilee and Golden jubilee years of the formation of ISA respectively which were commemorated at Trivandrum (1972) and Delhi (1997). The Silver Jubilee & Golden Jubilee Conferences were held in 1975 & 2002 at Madras & at Coimbatore (GOLDCON 2002) respectively.


In 1956 Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists joined the World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists (WFSA) as a founder member.


In September 1978, the 5th Asian-Australasian Regional Congress was held at New Delhi and the Conference was inaugurated by the President of India.


The Continuing Medical Education (CME) Programmes was started along with the Annual Conference in 1981 at Chandigarh under WFSA initiatives (Dr. T.C.K. Brown).

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